PARNAVI is a Bulgarian registered company under a decision of the Regional Court of Varna from 17 June, 1991. On 12 June, 1997 PARNAVI was registered as a company limited by guarantee.PARNAVI Ltd. is a private company controlled by one shareholder, namely Nikolai L. Parushev.
PARNAVI's surveyors are ready to perform inspections in all Bulgarian ports. Our head office is at Varna. We have representatives at Bourgas as well.
In August, 1995 PARNAVI was appointed as exclusive surveyors of two international survey companies - SURVEYFERT S.A.- France and T.C.I.- Belgium and since April 2000 we have become representatives of Gestione Servizi Portuali Srl, Italy - a well known Italian survey company.
PARNAVI was the first Bulgarian Survey Company that became a member of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors - London in 1996.
Since 20 February 2000 PARNAVI has become General Commercial Representative of the West of England Ship Owners Insurance Services Ltd., London. (website:, look for Correspondents in Bulgaria)
Experience, knowledge and professional equipment are at the disposal of our clients. PARNAVI's employees are well trained and highly qualified so as to be able to perform surveys of practically all regulated types. The surveyors are experienced in this activity because of their previous employment as Masters/Officers of Sea-going vessels for more than 20 years.
Having worked for many years in the field of shipping we are well aware of what the clients' needs are and how to reach the highest international service standards.
Our main activity is in the field of marine and cargo survey but we do also ship's agency and forwarding.
We are specialists at expert level of fertilizers (Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, GTSP) and sulfuric acid, which have been exported from Varna for many years. We have also surveyed many vessels with liquid cargo, (UAN Solution, gas oil, fuel oil, molasses, etc...), grain, sugar, etc.